Cherish Narok's Children

Giving Back

In addition to providing local people with meaningful employment, Amani Mara supports a local children’s home in Narok, the AIC Siyapei Children’s Home.  Along with their past guests and now dear friends, Claudia and Sean Quinn, they have formed a 501c3 non-profit, Cherish Narok’s Children. 

Siyiapei Children's Home

The sixty plus children who live in the home are orphans or have a parent unable to care for them.  They have been rescued from vulnerable situations – many faced early marriage, FGM, or life as herders or life on the streets.  (Many visitors to Kenya notice the children along the roads as they travel – often herding and not in school.) These children live as family, calling each other siblings and are cared for by a loving staff of five.  They attend school off premises.  Education in Kenya is not free – even public education.  The primary grades require a small tuition and uniforms, however upper grades become quite costly.  The first term in high school can cost as much as $600 for the three month term as it includes board.  (Subsequent terms are less.)  Sadly, many educations end at grade 8.

Amani Mara is the boots on the ground of this organization.  With the local connections, Amani Mara is able to source and purchase food and required supplies.  Even school uniforms are sourced well.  Amani Mara also supplies detailed record keeping.  The donors are able to see receipts, photos of the children in school and report cards.  Many of the funds are from international donors, but we are proud to say that Amani Mara has been successful in enlisting local support.  Much of the food is now donated by generous stores in Narok.  We are grateful.

The children are always excited to see their “parents” from Amani Mara.  Their arrival usually means a treat is tucked away somewhere.  The children would love to see other visitors.  Please let us know if you’d like a visit.  We can arrange it for you.