As well as giving you well earned time to relax in a calm, tranquil environment; there’s always something going on at Amani Mara Camp!

Indulge in Amani Mara Camp surroundings with the various activities and experiences available around Amani Mara.


The Day game drive infuses the thrill of venturing into the bush, to explore and spot the big five and other creatures in their glory on the sweeping plains of the Maasai Mara.

Night game drives offer a different dimension allowing the mysteries of the bush unfold when darkness falls.

Both day and night game drives are available.



Immerse in an exhilarating flying experience over the plains of Mara in a Hot air-balloon ride with a bird’s eye view of the African bush, gliding over the diverse, abundant wildlife and the savannah, with breathtaking scenic views, making the ride an unforgettable experience.



Explore the surroundings on foot with our guides as they take you on a nature walk to see and understand the micro ecosystems of the bush, flora and the birdlife that exist in the region.



Arrange a visit to the local village with our experts to get an insight into the Maasai culture and their traditions. Experience their way of living in harmony with animals preserving the age-old traditions, forming the essence of the Maasai Mara.


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Set in the pristine wilderness surrounded by a beautiful landscape, Amani Mara provides you an opportunity to witness the unimpeded breathtaking views of the phenomenal African wildlife. Read More...